Special Programs

Elul Journey

One moment before the most powerful time of the year – Tishrie high Holidays, we hold a magical and fascinating week between the Jewish Quadrant alleys in Jerusalem. About 40 men and 40 women, which excel in the Etnachta Scholarship Program, are going to a powerful a deepening into the heart and soul experience. During Elul Journey we will hold workshops, tours, shows, lectures, etc. The participation includes a symbolic payment, and includes lodging, meals, and a most powerful experience.

In the Image of your Life

In the Image of Your Life plan is a meaningful and fascinating about the Holocaust faith, which is a meaningful component in the Jewish-Israeli identity. During the program, the students meet the stories of the Holocaust in a unique angle, which emphasizing the individual personal lives, and delving into the human issues: leadership, the daily life in the Ghetto, women, faith at the time of crisis, ethics, values at time of distress and more. Participating it the plan award a NIS 2,000 scholarship and conditions in: 1) Personal interview 2) Presence in 7 study sessions 3) 6 hours tour 4) Summarizing paper with personal guidance which can be submitted up to 3 months from the plan’s ending. The content is taught by the best lectures of the Shem Olam Holocaust institute.

Alumni Programs

Every year hundreds of students are graduating nationwide, and we build for them the Continuum Plans. The plans which are operating todays: Weekly or bi-weekly educational programs for the alumni and volunteering in the community. Planned programs: Saturdays, weekends, field trips and Spirit Days, dating projects and online lectures.

Digging You!

Want to discover treasures? Etnachta invites you to join five days of charging and time out for the busy life of school and work. In the morning – archeological work  We will join a team of archaeologists in exposing finding d and exciting treasures still hidden in the earth. In the afternoon – cool workshops and nature study session  Jewish awareness // Playing Jam // Yoga // Nature therapy // Flowing imagining // and more… Boarding – Adam in Nature Khan, pampered meals A NIS 600 Summer scholarship

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