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Hours of study and deepening the Jewish Identity
About Our Scholarship

Etnachta centers network – give the soul her rightful place, are for students who are interested to combine, along with their academic life, a plan that includes a weekly meeting in a pleasant envoiurment and young spirit and deepening in the Jewish Identity life guided by a warm, young and energetic team.

The plan is held all over Israel, and reaching out to the young, varied audience up to age 35. Every year, we work in the different plans with about 1,000 young men and women all over Israel. The students arrive to a yearly plan, including conversation and study circles, lectures, community project and outreach, trips, team spirit days, and spiritual weekends.

Participating in the plan award a NIS 5000 scholarship for the year (and in part of the centers up to NIS 10,000) and involves with personal interview and acceptance to the program.

מרכזי אתנחתא
Mizpe Ramon
Tel Aviv North
Tel Aviv Center
Hod HaSharon
Ramat Hasharom
Be’er Sheva
Tel Aviv South
Kineret College
Our Centers

Etnachta have branches all over Israel, from Metula to Eilat, including the central cities, Jerusalem, and the periphery. The s program’s students learn various professions and degrees, and arrive from all levels of the Israeli society.

Students Impression
תכניות המשך

Elul Journey

Before Tishrei High Holidays, we hold an amazing journey between the Jewish Quadrant alleys in Jerusalem

In the Image of your Life

A meaningful and fascinating program around the subjects of the Holocaust from Jewish and human angles.

Etnachta Alumni and Communities

Unique program for the alumni of Etnachta program all over Israel. Keep warm and loving relationship just like in the old days.

Digging You!

Want to discover treasures? Etnachta invites you to join five days of charging and time out for the busy life of school and work. A work with researchers’ team of the Antiquities Authority combined with spiritual and natural workshops